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“Information Warfare Is a Second-Class Commissioning Community”


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For now this should be considered a fluke. There aren't yet any viable plans to make an 1840 career path to O-6.
Unless you're speaking from personal, firsthand knowledge of the situation, I'm not so sure about that. The restriction has been lifted. And they are already allowing in lat transfers into the 1840 designator at the O-3 and O-4 as a general matter; I know an O-2 personally who was just selected for lat transfer from 1810 to 1840 and the 1840/CWE community talent manager is at least an 1840 O-4 (that may not be his actual title, but its something along those lines and that's his job) . . . the talent manager was an O-4 in 2015 and I don't know how senior he was then, so he may be an O-5 now. He says that he's a part of the "control grade expansion of CWEs." According to him, the CWE community recently brought in 4x O-4s, 1x O-5, 1x O-6, with multiple more being brought in at the O-3 and below pay grade. There was/is an August redesig board to bring in more people. It looks like they are well on their way to expanding the CWE field.


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Interesting addition to this discussion, as NCWDG may well be the most "tactical" organization in the whole of the IWC universe.

I'm split on the issue as I couldn't care less who is URL and who isn't; if Crippies and CWEs need URL status to do some cool Title 10 shit...or even just want the recognition and to be viewed as equals...go for it. On the other hand, I can't fucking wrap my head around the concept of NCWDG or any other office building or Quebec cell on the carrier being deemed a Command-at-Sea.