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СН-46 in SEALs training


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Should there be some sort of joint program office (JPO) for aviation maintenance and safety that takes these decisions out of the hands of each service branch to centralize, balance, and standardize across all branches?
That would be "The Wisdom of NAVAIR" thread.... lol


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Indeed - ST 8 and USCG dudes - who were billeted incognito aboard the USNS Joshua Humphreys - nothing to do with opsec - but rather these guys were living large aboard a USNS ship with civ mariners - private staterooms for all, food and entertainment that exceeded any USS vessel. A great deal for them - Wake up, PT, eat, shoot guns, clean guns, get a couple of helos to fly them to some broken down unsuspecting Philippine flagged merchant ship full of cattle, go back to USNS, and retire to steaks and beer. Rinse. Repeat.
Man, those SPECWAR bubbas have some of the best boondoggles.

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Rinse. Repeat.
Pure envy:) Boarding parties of Russian Navy are Marines (small bunch within the Navy, actually infantry background with almost no special boarding training) cramped in the close quarters of frigates, and when it comes to frigates, it seems that the main design rule is to stick with the old Brits practice to strictly avoid any A/C and ventilation in living/staterooms to breath purely with some natural gas issued by your roommates:(

Russian CG differs, their boarding parties larger and better trained, though preferring to board from the small craft or ship alongside instead of fast-roping from helos. Curious thing is that the officers and men with radio, crypto and intel MOSs are not allowed to participate in the parties due to the fear that boarded crew prevail and so the "holder of a sensitive info" may become a prisoner.

the H-46 had a fairly advanced digital AFCS for its time that provided excellent stability while allowing the pilot to fly dynamically
Another case of envy. What Soviet NavAir always lacked, and still, is the roomy naval tactical transport helo. All Ka-27/32 family is so moderate in capacity that just about four Marines could be brought to the fast rope at a time. Dunno, maybe nowadays they are trained better but it seems doubtful. Coasties with their habits to board either from the RHIBs via pilot's ladder or from the cutter herself alongside by crazily jumping from own superstructure to a target main deck over water, usually getting bridge and main engine console under control in minutes, wasting no time for chatter with the crew, bouncing them off and starting to check the faces and documents just after the vessel is dead in water and idle. They say the police SWAT teams are more delicate than those coasties.
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