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supply board

  1. U

    Supply Board 26 Oct 2020

    Hi, I am starting a thread for the 26 Oct 2020 Supply Officer Proboard! My name is Collin, and these are some details from my application: BS Psychology BS Music 3.70 GPA 60 OAR score Hope to see everyone on this thread soon!
  2. E

    Supply Board 07 September 2020

    Hello All, Thought I would start a thread for this most recent supply board - I hope I'm doing this right. The last board took almost 8 weeks to get results, hopefully we will hear sooner than that! Does anyone know if the board met this past week? Best of luck everyone!
  3. 1991

    Supply Board May 21 2018

    Hello! I haven’t come across this thread yet so I thought I’d take the initiative. :) Good luck to everyone applying!
  4. L

    6 NOV 17 SUPPLY Board

    This thread is for all who applied to the NOV '17 Supply board Good luck to everyone!
  5. ichneumonidae

    OCS The Average OCS Supply Applicant

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is alright to post this. Mods, feel to remove if not. In my spare time I compiled this spreadsheet that outlines all of the application statistics from AirWarriors Supply OCS applicants (both non-prior and active duty) who have posted on the forum since 2014. I hope...