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  1. C

    At OCS, got NPQ'd

    Hello all, I was part of class 10-18, (Feb 4, 2018) and went through a few days before I had a meeting with the flight surgeon. Pretty much I was NPQ'd for having 1.75 astigmatism, when 1.00 was the max standard. I remember I asked the eye doc at MEPS if my astigastigm was within standards and...
  2. Demi Durkin

    Thumb Tip Reach/Function Reach: Too Short- Help?

    Hi everyone, Long story short, I had a waiver under review at NAMI when NAMI NPQ'd me for my anthropometric measurements- staff at flight physical should have caught it and I shouldn't have even been submitted for an unrelated waiver. Heartbreakingly, I've already bee pro-rec Y. I failed the...
  3. Demi Durkin

    NPQ After Swearing in/before OCS

    Hi All, I am an OCS applicant who has already completed her flight physical. I am waiting for a determination on a waiver; however, I've been told by my flight surgeon that it could take up to 10 months. I should have a PRO REC Y at minimum before then, if not a FINSEL. My recruiter told me...
  4. Demi Durkin

    Submitting Unlisted Previous Medical Issue To NAMI...?

    Hi everyone. First let me say, I have searched the form and have not seen something addressing this question. Additionally, I have asked my recruiter and also the flight surgeon I saw and haven't gotten a direct or concise answer. Thanks for taking the time to read. I am an SNFO OCS applicant...