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  1. W

    Should I get LASIK before OCS?

    Background: So I used to search function to find a similar instance of what I am going thru and could not find any useful info. So I am applying to SNA and already took the ASTB. Last year I had a vision test done and was told I had a slight near sightedness in my eyes. I have glasses for 20/35...
  2. AwsumAwstun

    Waiver for vision?

    Hey guys. Long time reader, first post. I am completely done with my packet for SWO (56 OAR, 3.35 GPA, Marketing degree, 5+years in management). I'm only waiting for a consultation regarding my eyesight. In 2011 I attempted to enlist and was told by my recruiter, "They're not letting you in...
  3. B

    Uncorrected eyesight is too bad, could I get PRK before?

    Hello all, I am currently 18 and about to graduate high school. For the past couple years I have been working towards my dream, becoming an aviator in the military. Recently, I got an eye prescription and calculated my eyesight. I believe I have 20/40 in one eye and 20/80 in the other eye. I...
  4. E

    Color Vision/MEPS Issue

    Air Warriors, I have been reading this forum for the past two or so years for information along my journey to pursue a commission and flight contract. Today I ran into what could be a show stopper and am looking for answers/advice (apologies for the novel of a description, trying to be thorough...
  5. C

    Eyesight Change

    Okay...I was Pro Rec Y for SNA back in April. I went to MEPS in February and passed the eye exam, but just barely. I had 20/40 uncorrected (Correctable to 20/20), which is the maximum limit. I am graduating college this December, so my planned ship out date is either January or February. What...