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The SHOW: Airlines still a "good gig"??


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Concur, Wink. You did a most Excellent job.
Please... move to the the head of the class.

This reminded me of the military pilots I knew that could qualify for the ATP, but didn't make the time to go get it before the rule change made it significantly costlier in time and money. When the FAA offers a good deal, consider it a limited window and don't put off getting it.

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Some JO with nothing to lose needs to ask CNATRA an airline specific question at Hook.
“sir I have a two part question: , I’m trying to build my hours to go to the airlines, would you recommend T-45s or T-44s for my shore tour? Second part-are there good resources in the VTs for folks like me who are interested in going to the airlines?”


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When I and two other SELRES buds went to Fallon with our mob squadron to work up with the CVW for Desert Storm, the skipper advised we not talk airlines and leave the application forms at home (which had turned up randomly at the RAG before :rolleyes:). Of course, there was the cheeky NWA guy that rolled his airline suitcase with crew tags on it across the ramp with his helmet hanging from the hook. The kicker was, however, running into the F-18 RAG CO in the club. He was my recruiter and Handler on my first ship. All he wanted to do was talk about the airlines and his chances of getting in. I knew his chances were 42%, but I didn't want to crush the guy since he was the most senior officer I was friends with, so I didn't tell him the truth.