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Supply Board May 21 2018


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Why does the board take that long, do they meet for the whole 5 weeks? It seems like they would be constantly meeting of that were the case.
These dates are set by NRC often a year or so in advance, so basically the board date is when they send the information to the senior member, whether or not the senior member holds the board that day or weeks from then depends on the schedule of the board members. The actual board often only takes a few days.
This is based on my experience. My board was on Feb20, and I got the results After Mar20.
I saw that looking through the 19feb18 thread. Congrats on being selected! I was just trying to get an idea of the board's process, my recruiter told me they only meet for a couple of days so I was wondering why the time frame was more like 4 or more weeks to get the results. But from what I've read and looked up they have to get all the prorecs signed by different people which takes time. Thanks for the insight.


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I am in on this board. Can’t wait to hear back? Does anyone know what quotas are looking like? Or how about how many yeses or no’s there were for the previous board?