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Max Pull-ups - How long did it take you?


I believe nicotine + caffeine = protein
One thing that helped me a ton on pull-ups was to add weight while doing them. Do this ...

Yes, this is me in case any of you are wondering ... ;) You might recognize me from Mens Health, etc ... this is what I do in between flights for some booze money.


I believe nicotine + caffeine = protein
Or maybe a weight vest?
You could do that too, but I think the benefit of doing it with the weight belt has to do with the weight hanging down so low and your back and arms pulling it up. The vest is going to constrict how your back might naturally move when you are doing the no-shit PFT pullup.


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Wouldn't want to scare off the kiddies by saying "cock" more than once! :icon_tong

Speaking of stones, you don't want to lose proportion. Add a plate to your nutsack while you're at it.

No the proportion helps. As Dave Attell says: "I don't have a small penis, I just have GIGANTIC balls!"
I think starting today, I'm going to rest on the pullups for 3-5 days and then get back to it and see if there is any gains.. I nearly got 17 dead hangs today, but the last one was not quite all the way up. :eek:
Hello everyone! This forum has been a huge help to me so far. This is my first post! and I thought pull-ups would be appropriate since that is how I found this forum in the first place. Anyways I started with Pyramids for a few weeks just going to 6 and back to 1. Now Im on the last week of Armstrongs. My day 1 was yesterday and got 17 dead arm hand pullups. Which I thought was decent. Should I continue through week 5. Or maybe change it up to pyramids. I will be having my PFT for my application requirements coming up in a few weeks. Although I am not to worried about that.
Anyways its good to be a member now!


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I went from 16 to 31 over the course of college by doing lat pull downs (in my weight training workouts). Rarely do I do a pullup workout. I'd definitely recommend adding either weighted pullups or heavy lat pull downs to your routine.