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Aviation vs. Cryptology


*Insert nerd wings here*
Go aviation. I love being an intelligence officer, but one of my main goals in my career is "how do I spend as much time near the flight line as possible without totally tanking my career?" Most aviators probably start to feel that way after their MSR, I feel that way right now and I only put on LT a few months ago.

Sure, you have opportunities to ride around in an EP-3 and get your observer wings as an 1810, but generally speaking, there are more career requirements and opportunities as an 1830 to be closer to the fight than as an 1810. 1810s also aren't really as involved in analytical work as 1830s, which is something it sounds like you're interested in doing. You'd still get to talk EW and SIGINT as an 1830, but it would be more about red capabilities/limitations vice being involved in our own use of those systems.
Dang man, sounds like you were born too late-- could've had a great look at all your interests (electronic warfare, SIGINT, aviation, and strategy) as a VQ FO! [#promotesowncommunity] FOs in our community can really get nerdy and become baby Intel Os on the job, I'd even say it's encouraged. Sadly, if you're not joining for another two years or so that beautiful EP-3 will be too close to gone.
As others have said, if you have an interest in aviation I would go there first, as your opportunity to get into that community is more fleeting, if only because of the age restrictions. There's definitely a possibility of lat move/redes down the road, although of course not guaranteed.