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23 OCT 2017 SWO Board

For those of you that will be applying again, take RUFiO's advice on how to improve. However, many of you have sent me your motivational statement and I have some general feedback for all of you because many have done this.

1) Take your time. This statement should NOT be written in a day.
2) Have multiple people who have a strong command of the English language proofread it for you. However, do not feel obligated to make all of the changes they recommend.
3)Speak in active, not passive voice. Many of the statements I have been reading do a decent job about telling a story and explaining your motivation, however there is a ton of passive phrasing and excess wordage. Unless you are applying PAO, they most likely dont have a photo of you so their real impression will be based on what they are reading and I can almost guarantee that many of the officers and community managers reviewing these apps are very well educated and versed in writing.
For the stat heads
GPA: 3.6
OAR: 51
Age: 23
Pro-Rec Y

Regarding the motivational statement, I feel as though I did not make my statement "SWO-centric". However, I did utilize an OPNOTE Rufio posted awhile back, https://www.airwarriors.com/community/index.php?threads/swo-recruiting-opnote-important.43926/ (if the link does not work just search SWO Recruiting). The OPNOTE essentially lists some of the qualities and attributes that the Surface Warfare community is looking for in its future officers. With this in mind, one should assume that SWO boards will consider the characteristics in the OPNOTE. The best way to communicate that you have the attributes that the community is looking for is in my opinion, through the statement. I'm no officer recruiter, and if I'm wrong feel free to correct me, but this is what I did.
  • Read the OPNOTE, Rufio posted that specific piece of gouge in early 2016, but it is still the best piece of gouge I've seen on the site.
  • Many of you have asked in other threads if you have a "good chance", I personally believe that SWO boards are still pretty holistic, without sounding like an ass, if you lack many of the qualities in the OPNOTE it may be possible that the SWO community is not the best community for you (my opinion).
  • Structure your Motivational statement around the SWO Prospect Attributes, explicitly mention experiences and occupations that demonstrate the attributes. If you can add numbers to these experiences, do it.
If you received a Pro REC Y, congrats. For those of you who did not, please please please read the OPNOTE. Reading the OPNOTE gave me the confidence to pursue this course, and if you did not get good results this past board the OPNOTE may give you the confidence to continue as well. Good Luck on the next board.
Hi everyone, checking in, got a PRO REC Y on this board and also waiting for a results from a 06NOV17 Supply board. Did anybody get a final selection already or know more about when the classes are open?
Extremely short notice, but it is what it is. I must wait for Supply board to release their results before I go, they were my first choice. Good luck in school!