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NEWS USAF Fighter And Bomber Crews Get Modified M4 Rifles That Fit Under Ejection Seats


Back to School!
Never noticed it. My home defense weapon is a P229 in .40S&W that I've had for over 10 years. Maybe I'm just well-enough versed with the platform, but I shot expert with the M11 in 9mm, and didn't notice enough difference to knock me off my game.
I'm not sure what it is, but every single .40 I've fired had that same weird little hook. Even comparing my Sig and Glock with my buddies' versions in the .40 SW, I noticed the difference. I learned how to shoot pistols with 1911s and I have no idea why I have such a hard time controlling and being consistent with a 40.

I thoroughly enjoy my 1911 . . . or did when the damn ranges were open. 🤬 But I've got to admit I'm a convert through and through to the M17. Same manual of arms. Great trigger. Incredible ergonomics. Easier to keep on target. Right before this COVID crap, I bought a replacement slide and barrel in .40S&W, and I plan to acquire a .357 SIG barrel as well, because why the hell not? One pistol. Three calibers.
I love my .45s, I absolutely do, but I will choose one of my 9mms anytime I need to carry. I just can't justify the smaller magazine, heavier weight, and recoil for anything other than range days and competitions. How do you like the M17? I've been eyeing it and can't decide whether I want an Mk25/P226 or the M17/P320.