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The SHOW: Airlines still a "good gig"??


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Great stuff. Reminds me a little of the HBO movie from a little while back, Taking Chance. Not Oscar worthy per se, Kevin Bacon was actually pretty good, but I feel like the filmmakers did nail the way the general public processes the sacrifice of military members that more and more they don’t have a lot of direct connection to. Was heartwarming to have a reminder that people are genuinely appreciative of that sacrifice when they see it.


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Both father and son, Bryan Knight, deserve recognition. The father, for his service and sacrifice in Vietnam, and the son, who was flying an F-117 at an airshow near Baltimore when it suffered a catastrophic wing failure. Bryan Knight was forced to eject and his aircraft crashed near a house but witnesses said it was clear he was trying to maneuver his damaged ship over the water.



Dirty Hinge
And after this genuinely heartwarming story (a true example of all that is right in the world), the public demands their miniature comfort horses!
Pickle approves of this message.

Also, miniature horses still smaller than the average traveler on Spirit and makes less of a mess than the average traveler on Ryanair...

Gonna have to fly them with @schoolbubba to ensure they get their mini horse-handies...


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I’ve already flown one. I had a minute talking to the other person traveling with the disabled passenger and asked ‘why a mini horse?’

She told me the horses live 30-40 years on average; the average service dog only has about 7-8 years of useful time in service. This individual had emotional, mental, and physical issues and losing his last service dog set him way back. They went down the route of a mini horse because the horse will probably outlive him. It seemed reasonable enough and the horse was better behaved than most of the window licking booger factories we usually fly from point a to b.