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Interesting because that's pretty much the opposite advice I've seen given out from people who are counseling longevity in the SWO world. CRUDES was always the king with Amphibs being the a distant second while the sweeps are the land of the misfit toys. Essentially, the way I saw it as an outsider was if you started CRUDES then you could always easily go to one of the other platforms but if you started sweeps you'd be facing an uphill battle if you wanted to do something else.
Every email sent out from detailers regarding the SWO career path says "first tour and second tour employment(job/ship/location) has no correlation to being selected for DH, your CO's RSCA average vs your FITREP does" . SWO community is hurting for DH (hence the 125K signing bonus) that as long as you dont get your DH rec taken away or get a DUI you will be selected. Only time will tell for the rest.