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Scooters Forever (A-4 Skyhawk Tribute Thread)


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God we're getting old, Walt.

Hope you're doing okay, me I'm doing well.


Steve, “Tell me about it”. I’ll be 74 March 20th. I didn’t know that the Monkey band guy was that much older than me. Now you on the other hand are a youngster. You may be a “Baby Boomer” but I am a “WAR” baby.

Glad to hear you’re still doing fine. We are hanging in there too, but are nursing sore backs. They are getting better though.

It has been cold up there in Yankee land. We had a few days here where the heat came on in the morning and the A/C kicked on in the afternoon. I love the warm weather though. Less aches and pains.

We would love to move. Palm Beach County is getting a little over crowded. Our problem is decision making. We can’t even pick a car to buy let alone a house.

Well since we can’t go back in time to good old Cecil Field we’ll just have to settle for the Google Earth satellite view minus our barracks.

Later Navy Buddy Walt

Edit: I sure miss my old shipmates, especially BzB.
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