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Romeos Vs. Sierras


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The ESG isn't used very much and seems to have fallen out of favor. I did three patrols with an ARG and we only operated as part of the ESG once for a short period.
Any ideas why?


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Any ideas why?
No clue. I just remember reading on CDR Salamander that the ESG no longer the new hotness. The ARG I was part of still had an ESG as an ISIC, not sure if the other ARGs still do as well. I could hazard it guess it might have had something to do with available CRUDES to make up the ESG but that's nothing more than pure speculation.


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Pags, the ARG I was onboard embarked the admiral this last float and called it an ESG since he was onboard. No US CRUDES around. Not sure the reasoning behind it besides "Flag onboard".