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No more DCOIC?


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Just FYI- don’t mobilize to go downrange on a generic “designator blind” billet. Or even one for your designator.

I promise it will be a terrible experience and a lot of people get put into units that are a bunch of people thrown randomly to make one.

I did one exactly like that 12 years ago to Iraq. It was so bad. I can’t emphasize enough just how bad it was and I’m glad I came back in one piece cause it was extremely dangerous and we lacked the necessary training and equipment.


Looks like the shift to 5 weeks isn't the only change. After a couple months of NOSC visits and contacting POCs, I finally got my DCOIC requirement in NROWS on Friday (I've had my quota since December). I wasn't too worried since every officer I've spoken to on the matter said they didn't get their requirement until 3-4 weeks beforehand. My NOSC told me the same repeatedly. I filled that out and routed it, which requires another set of approvals (ie. more hurry up and wait).

Today I received notice that orders and funding for DCOIC must be completely approved 30 days prior to convene date, or else you will be dropped. Essentially, I have 2 more days for all approvals to go through or it looks like I'm not going until September. The administrative shenanigans and surprises never seem to end.

What happens if you get sent to the other side of the world for 9 months?
I found out on Friday the 15th that I was confirmed for the April 6-19 date. Hopefully all my paperwork to make the approval that much smoother


As far as I know, that's a negative. At drill this weekend a CPO was going to create the Orders. I left a message with a PS1 at my NOSC to see how it's tracking. I will probably log in this evening and do as much as I can myself.