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NFO process and qualifications


Making Recruiting Great Again
If this is the primary driver for what you want to do, then you need to look at the Growler Community in the Navy. The Marines are more or less done with the Prowler, and by the time you go tthrough the training pipeline, they'll be gone. Please, for the love of God, divorce yourself from the ridiculous idea that the Marines are some kind of elite group of SEAL-equivalent bad asses. Take it from the Marine aviators who have already posted in this thread. Marines fly the oldest jets, are under-resourced, and will not do any form of EW in about 2-3 years.

If you're into EW, or Airborne Electronic Attack specifically, you want to be in a Growler.
Geez, now you're recruiting folks to come to your squadron?


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I looked into the Navy aviation opportunities. I suspect that it will be harder to get the moral waiver approved through USAF. I will set up a meeting with a Navy OSO. Thanks again, everyone