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Kunia, Hawaii


New Member
Working in Kunia

I worked there the last two years and am now leaving...

KRSOC is in the Schofield Barracks/Wheeler AAF area, so that's where you want to look if your mapping it out.

It's important to note that there is no housing actually on base so everyone in the Q either lives at Pearl or NCTAMS. Pearl's married housing is pretty nice and I know people with homes on Schofield or Wheeler (though I would personally never live there). As a JO, right now, you can expect to split a lot of time between Kunia and Pearl Harbor. You may want to keep that in mind.

I know several people who lived in Ewa/Kapolei but most of them moved out ASAP. Traffic going towards Honolulu is horrible in the morning (and away from it in the afternoons); you will hate it within three days. It once took me an hour to go from Waipio to Ewa - 11 miles - during the afternoon rush. Driving on Oahu is frustrating: too many cars, not enough space and some of the world's worst drivers. My suggestion is this: don't live anywhere west of Kunia Rd.

I live in Waikele and I have friends in Waipio - both have 2 bdrms in the $1600 range. Those places provide a good jump to the H1/H2. In the mornings, I still face heavy traffic when heading to Pearl, but I don't have to make the drive all that often. There are decent bets in Aiea and Pearlridge, but you want to make sure you're not in the ghetto.

Have fun on Da Island. Hope this helps.


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What Zab said. I've been to North Shore and Waimanalo and "survived" just fine. Just be smart about it.