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Kunia, Hawaii


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I am a Kailua HS grad.
Played them back in '96. We lost something like 8-7. Home island referees took away a touchdown for us on the final play. Good times, good times.


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So if the morning traffic is going TO waikiki, is there a commuting problem for me going FROM waikiki to Kunia. Is there evening traffic going from Kunia to Waikiki? It appears that my working hours commute would go against traffic. Is that true? I don't mind using all my BAH for rent if it's in an awesome place. I just look at it as an entertainment expense. thanks for the input so far everybody
There wont be much commuting problem for you if you're going from Waikiki to Kunia in the morning, but in the evening going from Kunia to Waikiki you will most likely run into heavy traffic after the Likelike tunnel (if you're going that route). If you go through Kam Hwy it will be the same thing so either way you'll encounter traffic in the afternoon.

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Profile says SNA....Must be a story as to why you are on your way to Kunia. In any case, I can pretty much guarentee that your BAH will NOT get you an AWESOME place in Hon/WAK. Before I got married we lived in a decent/new 3 bedroom place on the winward side and it cost about $3500 amonth. Took the three of us (three pilots) to afford it. When I lived in Wak for a while lived in a condo down a couple of blocks off the beach. 1 Bedroom (if you can call it that) and definitely NOT awesome for more than my BAH was a month. Living in Hon/Wak is EXPENSIVE!


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Similar story here....I just don't care about being near good surfing....So, where are some good places to rent on Oahu if we are going to Kunia....By good, I mean safe, somewhat affordable:), good commute....Any suggestions?


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Waikiki is great for Grandma on her boggie board, but know of no serious surfers in Waikiki.
I shared a wave with Bonga Perkins out at "Pop's" when I was in high school. :D
That's the highlight of my life thus far...


More on Hawaiin breaks~

My favorite break southside is Tongs, just left of Queen surf. Excellent lefts.

Followed by Sandy's for hard beach break. Though its frequently a closed out wave.

Ala Moana Bowls is a nice quiet break.

Waikiki is bunk except for the occasional summer swell but you'll be so busy dealing with tourists on rental boards that its hardly worth it.

Winter is the only time the "Nort Chore" goes off. And when its on, nothing else is. If you can paddle out at Pipeline on a hard day? No one will say sh*t to you in the line-up. The shore break is awash with broken boards and groms whose ambition was greater than their skills.

Etiquette is crucial. Practice good watermanship and slowly earn the respect of the locals. I waited patiently, gave right of way to the adult locals and picked my waves smartly.

I never once had a negative interaction with locals and made friends with them easily. Just act like your a guest until you arent.

HJ is dead on with Kailua. Nice long rides for your long board, quiet area, and amazing views. Even by HI standards.

I lived on Sierra Drive, rented a room in a big house with a bunch of other squids. Amazing view of Diamond Head... Search Craigslist and look for small places in good areas.

Should be easy to find sailors looking for a roomate to keep the rent down.


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I'm probably PCS-ing to Oahu next summer and I'm looking for some gouge on the community. And as a proud product of the Kauai elementary public school system (I still can't write cursive but I do understand pigeon..brah) back in the 70s/80s, my primary concern are the schools (both private and public) for my kids.

From a housing perspective, I'm fairly set on living on-base (McGrew Loop or some other O-4/5 master race community:icon_tong) and since I enjoyed my share of butt-woopings from some Menehune-sized Japanese kid's massive Samoan cousin back in the day I know to avoid the locals up North Shore way while wearing black socks with my newly purchased flip flops and pastel boogie board...but I'd like to hear any advice/horror stories/happy stories about the local schools on the island.

My kids will range from 5th grade down to Kindergarten.

Many thanks.


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I'm thinking about K-Bay and everything seems great except for some problems I hear with the locals. From what I understand, don't go to the North Shore. Are there any other places to avoid and are they pretty easy to stay away from? I'm just worried about having my stuff stolen, like my motorcycle and car.


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I lived there for 3 years, and never had any issues.

There are assholes everywhere. If you make yourself a target, act like a retard, ignore gouge, or lack common sense, you'll get burned.

Every person I know who had problems violated the above in some way.