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Is there gouge on the drug waiver issue?


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I had a conversation with the squadron flight doc one time about a health assessment in which having more than 3 drinks in a night occasionally required you to go see the doc to talk about your "binge drinking"... He quickly dismissed the "binge drinking" and filled out the appropriate forms. I asked him why 90% of the command wasn't popping on this questionnaire (since most have more than 3 drinks at any squadron function), and he said it was because most people did not admit it on the questionnaire. We discussed how the PC risk averse Navy was causing people to "fudge" their numbers in order to avoid issues, but by doing so they were only solidifying the falsehood that a service member who had more than 3 drinks occasionally was unusual and a sign of a problem. It was his belief that only when everyone is truthful on such questionnaires that the standards for what is an unusual amount of drinking would fall in line with reality.
Drinking at the MEPS docs/psych eval docs is out of hand, like alexsmart I had an individual who would have a drink each night with dinner, psych said alcohol dependent and N3M would not waive, another on Sundays during football season would have 4 or 5 beers over 10 hours while the games were on, labeled alcohol dependent by psych eval and N3M would not waive.


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My recruiter told me to say no to the prior drug use on all forms, "they can't find out anything you don't tell them".

I myself have never touched illegal drugs so I thought that was bullshit, I feel it goes against what a Naval officer stands for. So I did some research and found that most people disclose prior use.

On a security clearance form I feel they are looking for honestly over a lack of judgement in the past. That's just my two cents but what do I know.