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Gouge Download

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i am new here. i am a little confused about what to download for the ASTB. It supposed to be in three parts but i only see the one pdf file. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I know it is simple but i am not getting it clear.


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I can't believe how easy you guys have it these days. There is so much gouge out there it's unreal. When I went through, gouge was a one or two page document that had been xeroxed a thousand times and was barely legible.
When I was an instructor in Pcola the SNAs relied so heavily on "the gouge" that they didnt even verify that it was correct. Live by the gouge, die by the gouge. Make damn sure your gouge is good gouge before you bet your grades on them.


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Ok, one of the other ASTB files is up. I thought I had put up all 3, but guess not. The other one is too large (at the moment) to post, I have to change a variable in PHP, but should have it up in a bit.


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ASTB Thanks

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your gouge on the ASTB. I took it for the first time yesterday and scored 6 6. I studied your gouge and a little from the acro. If you want to pass the test study these downloads and the spatial orientation section in the acro! Thanks again guys.
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Thanx DairyCreamer, I really appreciate your effort to offer everyone taking the ASTB an honest shot at it. I am taking it on tues 06/22 and I feel alot more comfortable and confident after downloading the prep test. Thanx again...

peace out
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