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FY20 STA-21 Message/Application


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In four years? Absolutely not. I've been working on my degree for over 8 years and I'm just now approaching 77% complete. Sometimes I wish I could be at a command where the operational tempo is low enough that I could complete it faster. I'm at the point now that the remaining classes I cannot do online and I physically have to attend at times that are just not compatible with the ships schedule.
Been there, done that; which is why I went SELRES in October 2013 as a 10 1/2 year First Class to finish my degree before I aged out of all options. Stay at home wife and two kids at the time and still managed to live comfortably while finishing a Finance degree in just a 2 1/2 years (thanks to GI Bill, pell grants and SELRES drills). Now I’m an O-2 FTS AMDO.

What are you willing to do to be selected for a commission? Base on your timeline, you have been working on your degree since before I left Active Duty to finish mine.

FACTS: STA-21 is a pipe dream for everyone except Nukes. Just enough non-nuke selects to keep the program named “STA-21” and not “Nuke-21.”

Get over it and figure out how to get that piece of paper as fast as you can with a degree you can live with.