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direct commission


Pork Chop
You make a very good point. I know the competition is ridiculous that's why I was beating the pavement so hard on the enlisted side. I had some challenges with the bachelor's with an institutional 2.7, but went back for my masters (M.Ed) and received 4.0.

On the civilian side, I also received good referrals from both Chiefs in my Department as a contractor for the Air Force. I have some credibility, but I do acknowledge that the competition is ridiculous.

You're right. I really was trying to answer my Captain's question initially, but I appreciate all feedback. I'm also beginning to settle on the fact that there probably isn't a direct answer to my question as it would have been answered already. I'll rest on the idea that the clock resets upon commission for 8 years considering attrition and tenure rules don't force my retirement.
Also, just to set expectations, they are selecting 15 candidates/year. That's coming from an O6 who was in Millington prior to being in my last unit.


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Ya'll need to go read the community health slides, and not some random, unreferenced anecdote.

Hair Warrior

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@bubblehead Latest OP Monthly (Dec2018) for Supply:

3165 (In training)O-205
Lol. “Hey Ensign. Yeah you, the butter bar. You are not authorized to be in a training status. Finish that training pronto and be mob-eligible by COB tomorrow. Am I clear?”