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Randy Daytona

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I really wish (and I know it's a fairytale wish) that journalists would stop equating deployment money values with individual bust/off-load values. It's not that hard. JIATF is generally very consistent with it's drug values. But "17K pounds" (or even 39K pounds) doesn't equal $569 million.

That said, their deployment total is very impressive.


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I was kinda hoping for something like this:

(Pumped way too many quarters into this damn game back in 89~90).

And remember kids,



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That’s the idea.

But will NAMI grant a waiver for it?
Stumble back to the room after a Red Sox game and saw that, first thing I though was that it was a seizure waiting to happen. I needed more or less whisky before seeing that. You tried, Director Sessions.