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Air Force to Navy?


Plan “A” Retired
One ex-wife and the only thing she ever got was child support, which ended 5 1/2 years ago.

I just went the hooker and blow route after my divorce. It’s a hell of a lot easier and cheaper.

Of course with dental school tuition, housing, car and living expenses; my daughter succeeds in costing me as much as a couple of ex-wives...

Careful you’ll end up on an arrest sheet like Craft.🤣


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The watch is the Bremont Texan II MBIII. I was the project lead for the watch face design. Thanks for noticing haha


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Nope the bezel. The crystal is fine, the case doesn’t seem to be that bad, but it’s the bezel that has the scratches.

If your timepieces are still under warranty by Bremont, you can send it in and they will replace the bezel / case free of charge (I would call to confirm this). I’ve sent mine in because of a loose crown and they asked me if I wanted to replace my case / bezel while they were working on it. I kinda like the little nicks personally. All the little imperfections were made by time in the cockpit.


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I’m considering Navy to Air Force and when I’m home I’ll research it further. What’s your reason for leaving the Air Force?
Currently, the C-17 community that I came from chaffed a ton of Aircraft Commanders (like myself) to teach at UPT since we were “overmanned” about 3 years ago. Right now, the C-17 community primarily wants to reclaim only personnel who are eligible for IP-requal and young blood destined for initial qual. I’m seeking to pursue the U-2, but I’m also trying to weigh all options in case I don’t get picked up. Location is definitely a factor - outside of flying as a hobby, surfing is my passion, so I’m trying to get stationed near the ocean...