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AH-1W (Turkey) shootdown


Nerd Whirler
Conjecture that the tail rotor hit might have been a result of a malfunctioning rocket that the helo itself was firing, or friendly fire from the wingman employing rockets behind lead. Hard to really tell from the video, but it's within the realm of the possible.
You can see the helo fire two rockets from the right wing, then a third from the left side. The timing between the flashes is the same. The third flash seems to start at the wing and move back and up, and the tail rotor is on the left side of the Mi-35M.


Living the GeoBachelor dream...
Isn't that an Army thing? I thought all Navy units deployed with and brought their same aircraft home with them.
When I deployed in 2010, I went two weeks earlier than my squadron to do full A deck FCF's on seven planes we took from the squadron we relieved. We flew out a couple more and they took a couple back.