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03 November 2019 OCS Class


Greetings, all.

Getting together a thread so we can get motivated and whatnot. I'll be in this class.


That's what I'm talking about! I'll shoot you a message.

Looking forward to getting through this with you guys. Looks like eNTRS has all the quotas assigned. Full house!


Resist, Retaliate, Press Forward!
Well, Hello, Gentlemen.

I have not received any word from my recruiter regarding my shipout date. But, it would be quite lovely to have this as the day I report back to active duty.

Duly noted, I am due to turn 30 3 weeks after said date. So, it would be bittersweet as well.

I'll go ahead and follow the group on Fb. See you there, Guys.

James Lee

Hi friends. I am penciled in for 03NOV. I have not received my final selection letter yet, but this is the planned date. Hope to learn and grow with you all together in Newport soon.


Was told we probably won’t receive that final select letter until 2/3 weeks until our OCS date (3Nov). Also feel free to join the Facebook group if you all would like!