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Will leaving DEP effect NROTC


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Currently I am in the second semester of my senior year of high school and my DEP ship date is in June 2012. I've applied for the NROTC Marine Corps option, but have not heard back yet. I am intelligent (31 ACT, 97 ASVAB) and physically fit (Captain of football team, 3 year varsity player, black belt in martial arts),however I only have a 3.5 GPA and scored a sub 230 PFT. My biggest ambition is to become an officer in the Marine Corps and I've been looking at my options if I am not fortunate enough to receive this award. I have been accepted into schools who offer NROTC programs and have been thinking about enrolling and joining without a 4 year scholarship. I feel that I am much more qualified, both academically and physically, then my packet shows and I would be a strong contender for a two-year scholarship. But this would require me to discharge from the Delayed Entry Program. I truly want to become a Marine and feel like it would be dishonorable of me to discharge from the DEP. But becoming an officer is also something important to me. Would leaving the DEP hurt my chances of earning a two-year scholarship in the NROTC program? Would getting out of the DEP hurt me anywhere down the road if I ever were successful in becoming an officer? As of right now I am DEP'd in as a reservist (If that makes a difference instead of active).

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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No its not dishonorable and it WILL NOT hurt your chances for a scholarship. when I was an NROTC instructor, I helped a young man leave his DEP commitment because he was enrolled in the NROTC and wanted to be a Naval Officer.

All it takes is a letter from you to your recruiter. It's much easier than you think. Google is your friend when trying to find an example letter. PM me if you need any more help.

IF you want to be a Marine Officer, then DO IT regardless of having a been selected for a scholarship or not.

-ea6bflyr ;)


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Just be aware there are very few 2 year scholarships available now, the number I heard is averaging one per NROTC unit.

It is easy to get out of your contract like has been said.

I will say how it is viewed in the future depends on the person, I myself would have a hard time holding something like this against a 17 or 18 year old kid.

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As someone who took the long route to commissioning (2 years ROTC Marine option without a scholarship, then Marine OCS, then Navy OCS [long story]) I say without hesitation go to college if you want to be an officer. You'll get great training from the MECEP Marines and other mids who have completed OCS on what to expect and how to prepare. If you don't get a scholarship then as long as your college grades are good and you work hard to put together a competitive package you can apply directly to OCS through the PLC or OCC options. Don't give into some perceived pressure to 'become a Marine asap' or worry about 'dishonor'. The end goal is what's important. I almost enlisted in the reserves between my freshman and sophomore years to try to help my package for a scholarship and the Master Sergeant at my unit told me I would be an idiot to do that when my goal was to finish college and become an officer. Just my .02


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I got out of DEP when I found out I earned a 2 year scholarship. All it took was a letter to the recruiter. He wasn't happy (he lost a Nuke interested in Subs), but it was worth it. It will not hurt you as far as earning a scholarship.