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What to expect in RI


New Member
I was hoping to get some info from Officers that have recently graduated from Supply Corps School. Curious what the area is like and if bringing family was possible? I would appreciate any info.


FY09 NFO Selectee...turned FY12 CHOP
Sorry so late on the response but haven't been on here in a while. What questions do you have specifically? You can def bring the family and I would almost say it was encouraged unlike a lot of the service schools that you might go to. It is a beautiful place to live for a while and obviously summer is a lot nicer then winter. School is not hard at all but take it seriously. Any more questions you have feel free to PM me if you want.


New Member
After OCS, how long roughly until Supply a Corps school? How long is the current supply corps school? Where have most supply corps received orders to go after school?


New Member
From what I saw on the schools website they have a class start up every quarter. So based on when you graduate OCS and when the next class starts you could have a week or a couple months. According to the website and other Supply Corps Officers it is 20 weeks long. I am not sure about orders. Besides, what they may be seeing now and what will be available when we get out could be completely different.

Renegade One

Well-Known Member
It is a beautiful place to live for a while and obviously summer is a lot nicer then winter.
Concur with this part…summer in Newport/on Narragansett Bay is memorable. Time permitting, take sailing classes at the NWC Yacht Club and be your own "Master and Commander" of your 15' Mercury up and down the bay…you can smoke a cigar, yell "Mr Mowatt…Beat to quarters!"…and do the whole tacking and jibing thingies… Kinda cool… :)

Heather Kerber

New Member
Where is the best place to live with a family? Did most people stay on the island? How bad is the commute if you live closer to Providence? Thanks!


Active Member
The area is great. Winters suck. I'm graduating from the Reserve side of the school in August. Can't wait to go up there again.