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What is the best study study guide for the ATSB


New Member
Hello everyone my name is Keilyn Hubbard I hope everyone’s having a good night tonight I have a quick question I’m getting ready to take the ATSB be in about two months I want to know what the most important subjects I need to know I’m already good with the aviation portion of it because I am aviation major just finished up some flight stuff to get my degree I just need to know will be the best study guide to stay for more of the math portion and the English portion and the mechanical portion so please if anyone knows please feel free to message me


Well-Known Member
Check out the ASTB forum on here. There is a 350+ page thread that will give you EVERYTHING you need to do well if you put the time in.


Well-Known Member
I thought Barron's was spot on and I had multiple guides. Goodluck!