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What am I missing with my Study guides


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Hello everyone. I am a sophomore NROTC student and plan on taking my first attempt at the ASTB in the late spring or over the summer. So far I have been studying from Barron's Military Flights Aptitude Test and "The Complete ASTB Study Guide" from AEGIS Group. I just recently started making Quizlet notecard for : Mechanics, Aviation and Airport information. What else can I use to prepare? Also what am I missing from my notecards? Is there any other major categories that I can make notecards for? I don't plan on doing it for english and math, I think I can just practice for that stuff. But In general what else can I do to prepare? I am studying for about an hour a day 5 to 6 days a week.


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The pinned posts in the ASTB section will more than answer your questions. Read newer posts first so you can see the gouge from more recent test takers.