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Welcome to all the new registrations, and info if I didn't approve your registration!


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First off, apologies for the delay in approving the 100+ recent registrations this week! I went through and approved many of them, but there were a few that I couldn't tell if they were spam bots or not so I rejected the registration (Why can't I post? Why hasn't my account been approved?). If I made a mistake, reply to that email or message me and I can fix my mistake!

Lots of new users:
- Quite a few researching the application process and here for gouge
- Those that have been selected and will be off to OCS or API in the near future (CONGRATS!)
- Lots of prior enlisted seeking their commission, best of luck to you all!
- Parents/Spouses looking around for information and questions, looking forward to seeing some of those posts, welcome!
- A couple Winged Naval Aviators joining the forum (are you bored and stuck on a disassociated or in a cubicle somewhere on a numbered Staff or the Pentagon?)
- A token Army Pilot that realizes that they should have gone Navy and realizes the error of their ways (I keed, maybe)
- Retired Naval and USMC Aviators, welcome!

WINGS ON YOUR ACCOUNT PROFILE: I added wings to the accounts I could recognize, but if I missed adding them to your account (Wings of Gold, Wings of Lead, Army, etc, Water Wings for the SWOs...) drop me a line or post here: Add Wings to your profile: Pinning on new wings

PRIVATE FORUM ACCESS: If you are an SNA/SNFO, in training, etc, and want access to the private forums message me or post here: Private Forums: how and when can I get access?

OH GOD PLEASE CHANGE MY USERNAME!!!!! For those that are having second thoughts on their chosen username (I mean, come on, what kind of trouble could posting on here before reporting to OCS and using your real name so the DIs can be sure to welcome you appropriately?!)…. you can either message me or check out this thread: How does one change their username?

Or maybe you have been a member on here for a while and need your account updated hope this info helps you too.

All the best,