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VTU Questions


New Member
Good morning,

Sorry for the intrusion from a non Air warrior (Seabee here).

I have a question concerning VTU in the Navy Reserves. I'm currently looking to re-affiliate with the Navy Reserves. My situation is I left the reserves a few years ago as an E6. I have 18 years time-in-servce (TIS) with only 10 good years ( Totally messed that up). If I re-affiliate I will only be able to get a total of 14 good years before I hit HYT which is 22 years as an E6. I still need 6 good years. This is assuming I don't make Chief which would push my HYT to 24 years, still needing 4 good year.

Question: Can I join VTU for the remaining 6 years I need? Also is there a limit of years I can be in VTU? Please advise.


Former BU1


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You can re-affiliate in to the VTU as per RESPERSMAN 1100-050 and applicable references. If that does not work out, you can try to re-affiliate with the SELRES and after your OBLISERV, if any, transfer to the VTU (if this is your plan, do not discuss it with anyone).

In the VTU, you are eligible to take the advancement exam and advance to the next higher pay grade provided you are a satisfactory participant and
have not reached HYT. Once you reach HYT you are stuck in that rank unless the Navy changes the rules for HYT, which it has done recently for certain rates. MILPERSMAN 1160-120 and applicable references detail HYT.

I have a Sailor in my VTU unit who made E6 while in the VTU. I have another E6 who recently volunteered for an OCONUS ADSW and is off doing that. That individual wants to make E7 and likely, has a shot at it.
  • NPC SELRES site.
  • See attached the most recent HYT gouge
Since you are the half-way point for retirement, you have to ask yourself if you are committed to pushing out the remaining 10 years in the Reserve, either paid or unpaid.

Contact a recruiter and try to re-affiliate. If told something, always ask for the reference/applicable instruction.



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@ bubblehead

Thank you for detailed response and references. You are correct I do have to ask myself if I’m committed to push for another 10 years, pay or no pay.

I’m currently in contact with a recruiter and eligible to re-affiliate with SELRES. My concern was at some point I will hit HYT without 20 good years.

According to the references you provided I can submit a HYT waiver to remain in SELRES (or VTU) to complete TYQS.

I keep seeing “case by case “ and “may” regarding eligibility into VTU. I understand a waiver to remain SELRES/VTU is dictated by multiple factors. From your experience what is the current climate regarding approved SELRES/VTU waivers.