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If this has been posted before I apologize in advance...but first off I would like to thank NavyOffRec, revan and UIfly for their assistance but my current issue right now is this. Right now I am talking to a Marine recruiter, as well as an AFROTC advisor and he told me I am eligible for PRK and 6 months blah blah blah but my caveat right now is OK we can go Marines, but my ultimate plan would be Navy OCS. I wonder if my eyes will change, here is my vision.

Should I apply for Marine SNA now that my astigmatism is in standards or gamble it by waiting for Navy OCS?

Right eye: SPH: +1.50 CYL: -3.00 (20/60, yes I know that is not the limit for Naval Aviator)

Left eye: SPH: 0.00 CYL: -1.00 (2025)

Wondering if any Flight Surgeons would be able to assist, thank you very much.
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