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USNA and NAPS athletic coaches

Hair Warrior

New Member

According to this PA, athletic coaches at USNA and NAPS are actually commissioned officers, designator 1200 (same as Restricted Line Special Duty for Human Resources).

The only accession source is civilian. They can only complete 3-5 years AD, with no further extensions, and no follow-on assignments. It's not clear to me whether they can promote beyond LTJG even if they reach the 4 year mark.

I had no idea these jobs were commissioned officer positions. I wonder what the purpose of that is (vs. being DoN civilians). I'm guessing UCMJ authority but that is just a guess. Anyone in the know?


The vast, vast majority of coaches at USNA are civilian. They are employed by the Naval Academy Athletic Association (NAAA) which is a non-governmental organization that runs the Division 1 sports program at the Academy. They receive a small amount of funds from the government but the vast majority of their income comes from donations and ticket sales, and this is what pays the coaches' salaries.

You can read about it here.

You can also look at the staff directory for all the coaches at the Naval Academy here. You'll notice that there are two USMC coaches, one on the regular football team and one on the sprint football team, but both of them are "real" Marines and have done other tours outside of the Academy.

Reading the link that you attached does not specifically refer to "coaches" but rather PE instructors. USNA does have instructors that teach swimming, boxing, wrestling, and a litany of other courses to regular midshipmen. Some of these instructors are regular URL officers on shore tours (my "combat conditioning" class, for example, was "taught" by a P3 NFO), some are civilians (the gymnastics coach for instance taught a rock climbing class), and some are apparently commissioned officers under the program you refer too. Since the instructors all showed up to these classes in athletic gear it was sometimes difficult to tell which category they fell into.