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Randy Daytona

Cold War Relic
Super Moderator
Good deal for the Marines. $15K per year for 3 years, restrictions apply. Harrier and Phrog pilots need not apply.

MARADMINS Active Number: 483/15

2. Eligibility. Officers must meet the following non-waiverable criteria at the time of application.
a. Must be a Captain or Major.
b. Be qualified and approved to perform operational flying duty with 4th Marine Aircraft Wing (4th MAW).
c. Be entitled to Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP).
d. Have no more than 16 years of commissioned service at the time of application.
e. Agree to affiliate or remain affiliated in a Duty Involving Flying Operations (DIFOP) billet in one of the below SMCR units in the listed MOS for a period of three years.
(1) HMH-772: 7566
(2) HMLA-773: 7563, 7565
(3) HMLA-775: 7563, 7565
(4) VMM-774: 7532
(5) VMFA-112: 7523
(6) VMGR-234: 7557
(7) VMGR-452: 7556, 7557
(8) VMM-764: 7532
f. Current reserve officers may have served no more than 16 cumulative months in any of the SMCR squadrons listed in paragraph 2e. at the time of application.
g. If in the AC, applicants must have an End of Active Service (EAS) NLT 31 July 2016, and be joined, via the Marine Corps Total Force System, to a SMCR squadron in an approved ARP billet as applicable, per paragraph 6 of this bulletin.
h. Pilots receiving transition funds to train to a different variant of their current airframe remain eligible.
i. Applicants must receive a favorable endorsement and DIFOP billet confirmation through routine correspondence from Commanding General (CG), 4th MAW via squadron and group commanding officer.


Leeroy Jenkins
I'm wondering if this is a recruitment initiative due to lack of pilots in the RC or a GTFO of the AC tool because there are too many of us pilot types.