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USMC OCS class 236 January 9th 2021


New Member
nervous About selection.

I’ve been in the process with my OSO for almost a year and a half. I ran my final PFT today before the selection board meets in October.
I’ve been consistently running over a 285 pft since I first pft. After becoming an expert in all things pull-ups and running I finally maxed outeverything
including a new PR 17:25 for a 300/300

My question is, what determines pre selects?

I was at the pft today with 18-22 guys and no one broke 19 minutes on the run or 23 pullups.
but two candidates were already selected for 236. I picked theyre brains cause I was curious how I stacked up.
I understand every candidate has strengths and weaknesses but these guys had nothing shining over my packet

one had a 2.4 gpa and the other a 2.5, one ran a 20:45 with 21 pull-ups the other was 21 or 22 minutes with 17 pullups
one was 26y/o the other 24y/o they said they just had recommendations from old coaches and former marines but nothing special.
the 26y/o said his packet took 8 months to complete and was as thick as a textbook with all the waivers he had for tattoos, piercings, and mischief

I was just baffled cause my oso sat me down after our first meeting telling me how I am a needle in a haystack for selection. At the time he was dead set on pushing a reserve contact on me, until I ran a 296 and he contacted me for active ground

I am 27y/o have two waivers. Age waiver and eyesight waiver 70/120 which is Just under the accepted standard of 80/120
I have a letter of recommendation from an 05 former State senator, a Retired NSA 05, an active E6, a established philosophy professor, and a high school photography teacher.
I have a Stem degree in Industrial Design with what I thought was low 2.71gpa (turns out the average gpa for stem is 2.7)
My statement was handdown the best/ most meaningful thing I’ve ever written in my life which I had a Harvard English major proofread. I did a physically and logistically challenging cross country trip 2997 miles across the USA when I was Twenty, peddling on a fixed gear bicycle. In my statement I reflected about my drive to pursue tough challenges. OCS supposedly would make this bike trip feel like a midnight stroll, so that’s more or less what my statement was about. I also included seeing my cousin transform from a boy into a man after joining the army in 2009, and the impact this had on me at a young age.

My extracoricular/ community service sheet was filled from top to bottom.
I’ve been a lifeguard since the 16y/o, and am now In charge of training and screen future Lifeguards. I am now an aquatic coordinator handling gyms with multiple pools and guards.
My weakest point In the packet is my SAT score from high school which is the minimum 1000 combined math/reading
I tried to boost this at MEPS on the ASVAB and scored the minimum which is 74.... I am just not very good at math.

I guess I am writing this because I am nervous about the selection Board, peers and former marines have told me they won’t waste their time contacting you if you don’t have a shot, as well as spend the money to send you to meps and screen/ spend time working with you.

What were your experiences with selection / pre selection and is anyone trying for this class? What are your scores and how long were you / have you been in the process? Does it sound like I have a shot?

btw I never ran in highschool or college and my first ever time 3mile 2 years ago was a 27:30 so I’ve taken 10 minutes off my time since then. This obviously didn’t happen overnight, but take it from me with enough practice, training, and studying it’s possible.

Thanks everyone! If I get selected I’ll definitely check back in and try to join/get a Facebook group going for this class! 🤞