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Updated info on FRSs (the Rag)


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My husband is finishing up Advanced helo training in a little over a month. I'm just trying to get the most recent info on where the FRSs are for 60s both Romeo and Sierra.

Also, I'm kinda jealous of my Coastie spouse friends because apparently they have a national forum called Coastie Chicks, anyone know of something like this for Navy spouses, or am I currently posting in it?



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60R: HSM-41 is stationed at NAS North Island in San Diego and HSM-40 is at NS Mayport.
60S: HSC-3 is at NAS North Island and HSC-2 is at NS Norfolk.


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There's a FB group for Navy officer spouses but they aren't all in the aviation community. It's a very active group with lots of info.

There's also a private spouses section on here that you can request access to. It isn't very active but you can ask a question and people will respond.

Feel free to PM me, my husband is a HSC pilot on his third tour. I don't know everything but we've been through more than the typical family. If I don't have an answer I can find it out.

Good luck to you guys


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Yeah, there is another board that is all spouses. I have found it helpful, cinchouse.com. Word of advice, don't bother reading any of the site itself as they rarely update it. The forum, however, isn't too bad although it has been kind of quiet lately.