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Unacceptable Behavior on the Forum

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The Grass is Greener!
Site Admin
Recently on this forum we have had a string of people intentionally trying to provoke other forum members, either through forum topics or via the private message system.

Also, we have seen some solicitors come knocking on the door, and placing ads or in one case a chain mail letter.

These actions will not be tolerated by myself or the other admins and moderators. It will result in us either locking your account so you can't post for a period of time, or deleting your account. Worst case is banning the account.

This is a public forum that has an increasing user base, as with anything it is going to have its growing pains. My goal is to keep it as open as possible, without it devolving into a flaming and unmoderated place to come to. Does this mean that you can still make fun of SWOs and NFOs? Hell yeah. Just as I can poke fun at those pointy nose guys, and they can try and make fun of the "Mighty" P3 Orion. Just keep it in good taste, and don't let any joke become personal in nature. Alot does NOT come across well, or the way you might have intended it on text posts.

For the Airwarriors Forum overall, I am personally happy with the number of new members and the amount of topics that are getting posted and answered by others. We have a good range of ppl visiting the site, from those new to aviation, to those military members that are currently retired and have a wealth of information and experience to pass on. If there are any new sub forums or categories that you would like to see created, or even private ones (the private spouses forum is doing extremely well), just drop me a line, and I will create it for you.

On a final note, really great work by the moderators and the rest of the forum members notifying me of the actions of some of these individuals. I don't monitor every thread, but if you come across something questionable, shoot me a PM with the details, and I will look into it and get back to you.

Happy posting.
Not open for further replies.