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Turned down Navy OCS Slot, Now wanting to pursue Marine Corps OCS


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I graduated Bradley Univeristy in May 2019. During my Junior/Senior year of college i went through the proccess of applying for Navy OCS Supply contract. After the long proccess i was finally selected for Navy OCS with a Supply Contract in January 2019. I ended up turning down the offer and took a "regular" engineering position after graduation. The Feeling of wanting to become a military officer has never left my mind, and regret turning down the Navy OCS Slot. I am now wanting to pursue applying for Marine Corps OCS. Will there be any effect/history of my navy application that will effect me applying for Marine Corps OCS? I knew that if you turned down a navy slot and wanted to apply to Navy OCS again your odds of being selected were slim to none, so i didn't know how the crossover between the navy and Marine Corps was.

Any Suggestions or advice would be appreciated,


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Well, you'll probably be asked. Tell the truth at all costs. But you're right, I think...saying no once before is a hurdle. Not insurmountable, but a hurdle.


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I did NROTC so I'm already behind this power curve (and not a Marine), but the end goal of being an officer is to lead sailors/marines as you take the fight to the enemy. The oath of officer states that you will "take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation". While some can chime in and give you tips to help swing your interview to one side or the other, only you can answer the question of "why do I want to be a Marine officer, now at this time and in the future".

I wish I had more concrete advice for you, but I would practice answering the hard questions with a practice interview and expect to be asked: why do you want to be a Marine; why did your turn down the original offer that you applied for and were awarded; why should we give you a chance; what changed from before; etc. Be honest with yourself and whomever you ultimately end up talking to.


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I don't think it will matter. You decided that you didn't want to be a Navy supply officer. Okay. A Marine OSO won't care. He will just care that you want to be a Marine officer.


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Not sure if Marine OCS applications want personal statements. If they do, I would be frank and honest, mention your previous opportunity, why you declined it, and why things have changed now. Normally the personal statement is about number 11 out of 10 on the list of things that matters, but I would hazard a guess that where it does matter is in the picking of two very similarly ranked candidates, or when there are adverse parts in the application (ie legal troubles, blah blah blah but to include having been selected before and then changing your mind).

I don't mean that to say there is anything wrong with you declining it; much like applying at many jobs and once you get the one you want telling the other ones "sorry". Or the dudes that get hired by SWA just waiting for the call from Delta to jump ship. But if something catastrophic happened at Delta, those dudes are probably on a "do not hire again" list at SWA. Similar situation while different in your boat. It's not like you said the oath and then changed your mind. It's definitely not insurmountable, but I do think a strong personal statement on the why's might help. All this said if your marine officer recuiter says differently, I'd go by his advice!


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