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Training in Golden, CO


New Member
I have been training in Golden, CO. Hopefully going to Quantico in October. Just wanted to see if there is anyone in the surrounding area that wants to join in on the Running


Third times a charm
Are you applying through Capt. Timothy in Denver?

I went a head and screwed myself academiclly, and most likley will no go to second increment so any time you want to run let me know. I live in south denver, so maybe we can meet at wash park or near there.

Pm if I you want my info.


Point of parliamentary procedure!
I grew up a stones throw from Golden on Green Mountain. Great running trails everywhere on that hill. Check out Matthew Winters Park at the Morrison exit off of I-70 (Just south of Golden), where there is this awesome trail with switchbacks for about 2 miles. You could also head down to the brewery tour and practice 12 oz. curls for free.


New Member
I'll have to look into that trail. Yeah...I just moved here so I will have to check out the brewery.