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To Those Seeking the ASTB Study Guide and gouge on what others used


New Member
If you guys are trying to study and don't feel like reading, I used YouTube. That helped a lot. You need to do some studying on the navy though for those flight areas too. Those parts killed me in the exam. I couldn't figure out which planes and ships did what.
You will learn everything you need to know from these videos that you would learn in the FAA handbook.

http://www.youtube.com/user/SportysVideos (this one isn't as good as the others but it does give you some helpful stuff)

Everything you need to know about boating is from this channel

REMEMBER, you still need to look into Navy boat things like terminology and usage.

USE a study guide or test booklet to help you navigate through the channels
I looked for mostly:
Weather info
Boat and Plane parts (and what they do)
Rules of the Road (Planes)
How planes fly (Bernoulli's Principle)

For Mechanical (physics) and Math I Highly suggest:
http://www.gouge.navygouge.com/images/ASTB_mechanical.pdf (review and understand this...)
http://www.gouge.navygouge.com/images/ASTB_gouge.pdf (This is your guide. UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING ON THIS!)

I used the ARCO Military Flight Aptitude Test book too. (Math was WAY harder than the actual test)
I just took my test today.
6 6 6 53
I know it isn't great according to this site but my recruiter sure was happy. (I was hoping for 7's and at least a 60 OAR)
I only studied for 3 weeks and I work full time and had finals just recently and pulled that off looking at these things. With more time using these things will get you crazy high scores.

Good luck to all. (But try not to be TOOOO MUCH better than me ;) )


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I think this is the right place to post this. So I was browsing through this website (allnurses) and I found all these great math links. Since a lot of people have trouble with math I thought it would be a good idea to post this.


Just scroll down and you'll see them.

I'm guessing this one has been posted many times (before someone has a heart attack I'll admit it now and say no I didn't use the search function). If your cheap like me and didn't want to buy the book here's the website.