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Teaching Jobs


New Member
Hi all,

My fiancee is going to be joining me in Pensacola soon, and I was wondering if their were any spouses out there that have any current knowledge of teaching position openings for English teachers in the Escambia/Santa Rosa districts, as well as at junior colleges. She's certified to teach here and has been looking pretty hard but there haven't been many jobpostings. We'd appreciate any tips or other information that anyone is willing to share. Thanks for the help.



Now with even more awesome!
Good luck. Escambia and Santa Rosa (and pretty much everyone else) furloughed a ton of teachers last year, so even if they do have openings, there will be a long line of folks already in the system. Federally-funded special ed stuff comes open every now and then, usually after school starts or right before it opens. Generally they're listed through the normal channels.

Not to discourage, but my wife had to find teacher's aid jobs/tutoring/stuff not related at all to teaching, until I made it out of the TRACOM. She has a Masters, 5 years experience, and a national teaching cert, but still: just no jobs.


Living the Dream
Unfortunately we had much the same experience as PropAddict. The other thing that's going to put you behind the 8 ball is that you're in the training pipeline and the schools will somehow know it. This means that absolute best case scenario for the school is that they get your wife for one complete school year, maybe a little more. They'd like to have a bit more consistency, especially since they can afford to be picky. She may have to settle for part-time until you get to your fleet squadron.