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Swim PRT

Daniel M

New Member
I am in BDCP and have heard that at least on swim PRT is required before OCS. I am a little worried because I have a PT test upcoming though no one has said anything about swimming. I am not a very strong swimmer and am trying to improve. 1) is the swim PRT true and 2) does anyone have any tips on how to improve swimming ability?


Bull LT of the Navy
This doesn't sound right at all, unless things have changed recently.


O-4 Line of sight tasking is real...
Where did you specifically hear this? If it was from the horse's mouth aka your Recruiter, was it stated "You must do a swim PRT" or "You can do a swim PRT". I've never heard of such a thing b/c you don't even really swim that much in OCS other than some easy survival swimming. All the real PT is running.


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1) The internet is your friend.... http://www.navy-prt.com/ Yes, you can do the swim, but each command has different rules regarding it. In college the swim was not an option for us, the unit made everyone run. (If you want times to complete the swim: http://www.navy-prt.com/malestandard/17-19.html)

2) Get in the pool often! Look around your area to see if there's a "Masters Swim Club". These are adults who like to swim competatively still. They may offer lessons on adults trying to swim. Check at your local YMCA or pool to see if they have swimming classes for competative adults. Finally, if you're in college, does your school have a swim team or swim club? Go there and ask for help!

Personally I feel the swim is much easier than the run, however I used to swim in school. Folks who can not swim well often fail the swim test since they are not able to complete the distance without stopping.
Good luck.


Falling, with style
FWIW, I remember reading that same thing when I was getting paid to do nothing. I asked my OR about it, but he said "just run it." If you are worried about the swimming at OCS or afterward, get in the pool and start getting more comfortable. A few people in my class struggled just because although they "could swim," they weren't confident enough in the water to stay calm when they had to do other things.

Daniel M

New Member
The information did not come from my recruiter, I read it on one of those BDCP informational pages but I don't remember which one. As for the advice to get into the pool as much as possible I will definitely heed that. Thanks for the replies.