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Supply w/ SEALS?


Supply Officer
Come clean now. Since the warrior fantasy in your mind began to wither on the vine when you realized you were looking at a desk-bound SupO job, you naturally tried to salvage whatever was left of that part of your now fragile psyche. At least you have the sense to know when to quit. 70% of the mids here in SOCAL who think they're going to be SEALs are completely delusional and can't even come close to passing the physical test. It's rather amusing.

Doing something that "interests me, relates to my major, and I am business-minded" ... gosh - what is he thinking??? :rolleyes:


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Doing something that "interests me, relates to my major, and I am business-minded" ... gosh - what is he thinking??? :rolleyes:
Hey, if I can't engage in a little armchair psychoanalysis on AW, then what is it good for? :D Besides, I know the type well. We get the same coulda, shoulda, woulda intel or AMDO guys in aviation too.



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Seabees = Combat Service Support


Seabees are a battalion with about 600 people, with one O-4 as the Supply officer, and one O-1/2 as the ASUPPO.

SEALs fuck people up.
Concur. We do not go looking for trouble...well, most of the time. S4 is a LT or above, with an ENS/LTjg being the S4A. Seabees are not an offensive combat group, but we fuck people up if they fuck with us.


Working Plan B
If somebody is looking to do their four and get out (which I have trouble seeing as a bad thing), is the leaderships and management (notice I seperate terms) experience you are going to gain in Supply really THAT much different from other URL communities? RL? Staff?


Supply Officer
SK, SH, CS, and DK (now PS) ratings work for Supply Officers - so leadership experience will be the same as being a division officer or department head elsewhere on a ship.

Some difference is from the focus of a supply officer's duties. Unlike some divisions, supply officers are required to be very involved in their division's operations. While being a reactor operator or weapons officer is clearly a respectable position with great responsibility - it may not open as many doors in the civilian world as someone who managed $millions for a warship's budget and inventory.

Like it or not - being a bean counter gets you a lot of money these days in the civilian world ... more so than the engineers/designers/etc (at least - that was the case when I was in the reserves a few mos ago). It is not uncommon for a 4-and-out supply type to get six-figure offers.

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Hangin' on by the static wicks
If you really want Specwar, apply for it. Try going the officer route and if that doesn't work, try enlisted. You'd be amazed how many SEALs out there have degrees, but due to the limited number of officer billets, they chose to enlist and be a SEAL rather than do something that was their second choice.

That being said, you better be damn sure you'll make it through BUD/S because unless the prospect of having your BA to comfort you while you chip paint on a damn boat cheers you up, you'll be SOL. Is being a SEAL that important to you? If it isn't, and I don't mean to sound like an a**hole, you probably should seek another form of employment. Something else to consider in the specwar community is EOD and the new riverine forces. I'm not sure what the route is to get into riverine forces is, but it might be something you want to consider.

Lat xfers do happen (I'm living proof), but they aren't that common. I was one of ten in my year group for the community I chose.

At any rate, best of luck in your decision. And remember...until you take that commissioning oath, you have choices and an opportunity to change your designator.