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Supply Corps Officer Personal Career Plan -PG School

Chop Shop

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Greeting all,

I recently got picked up from the June Supply board and am currently on standby awaiting my Fin-Sel. I had a career question that I was hoping could be answered by a seasoned Suppo, or someone knowledgable on the subject matter. I have read a lot of different gouge and I have come to the understanding that in order to be promoted to O5 and above; an MBA needs to be obtained from NPS, or from a Higher Education institution on the Navy's approved list of top civilian schools. I also read somewhere that if an MBA was obtained (pre-commission), in addition to a certain amount of time in service, then that requirement could be mitigated. My question is this: if one has already obtained their MBA from a decent, accredited State University (albeit not on the Navy's list of top civilian schools) before commissioning, commissions, attains the rank of LT, Warfare Qual, DAWIA etc. would there still be the additional PG school MBA requirement in order to get pushed to O4/O5?

I don't mind getting another degree (preferably a PhD), but it seems a bit redundant and superfluous to get the same degree twice. I know it's a little early, but I do like to get my ducks in a row before SHTF and I'm too busy to really research and project my own personal career plan.

-Future Suppo
hmmm I'm active duty and I have a few Suppo mentors.. and I too was picked up from the June Supply board.. all my mentors are saying the same thing... that around LT.. i should be looking for either an internship or for the Navy to send my back to school for a master's degree. I have an MBA in Finance so i feel your pain.. and my mentor said it doesn't matter that already have a master's degree if the navy is sending me back to school for another i need to take it... this is just information that has been said to me from quite a few of my supply mentors.
If you have your MBA you're good to go on the MBA requirement. Don't nuke it : P

That said, get what you can from the programs. I'll be going for the MBA myself, but you could get a Master's from the War College, go for the Petrol MGMT degree, etc.


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A Supply 06 with whom I interviewed told me that you could get an "extra" tour in while your peers are in PG school. So you could have some more FITREPs in leadership positions that your peers don't have. But he also said not to worry about it for a while.


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If the Navy offered me a chance to go to school on their dime at a better school than my MBA, I'd jump on it.