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"Stinky Up!"


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T/C Board to staff VMM-764


1. Does this apply to that many Marines, and
2. Of the Marines it applies to, do you think many will bite?
1. Yes it does.
2. I think a decent amount will.

What it amounts to is that 764 is transititioning, and not all of their pilots are going to transition (too senior, don't want to, etc...). Since they're already well under their T/O (they're at about what we are, and that's somewhere around 40-50% T/O). VMFA-112 is over T/O, and there are a bunch of F/W types in the reserves doing odd jobs. I don't think you'll see much rotary wing interest in the board, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bunch of F/W types that would be willing to apply in order to get to a flying billet.


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Thanks, man. I really don't know squat about IV MAW (except that they're always trying to recruit me...and that Edwards and Nah-funk ain't gonna happen), so I didn't know if this was a broad-reaching MARADMIN, or one of those force shaping MARADMINS that are so restrictive that only a half-dozen people are even eligible.

Since they're moving to NKX, there might be a little larger of a pool of candidates (i.e., all of the IV MAW bubbas "helping out" the staff of III MAW), not to mention the attraction of doing your drill in San Diego.


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The policy is driven by the fact that 1) not enough 7532s are quitting AD and 2) the AD can't afford to let them go anyway. So they have to find somewhere else to put butts in seats. Now, getting them seats at the FRS....


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It applies to me! I spoke with the CO at 764 and he says that even pilots in the squadron are not guaranteed seats for transition, regardless of rank. My problem is that I don't finish grad school until late May.

How ARE they going to get seats at the FRS? According to the FY11 aviation plan, the squadron isn't supposed to start transition until the 3rd quarter of FY13...