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Stats for those of you accepted NUPOC??

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I was hoping that those of you out there that have been accepted BDCP as a NUPOC(subs) could list ya'lls stats(like major and GPA etc), jus to give me a general feel for where I stand. 'Preciate it :)


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Stats for a Pro-Rec (Reconsidered)

As you may guess from my handle, I wasn't originally chosen as NUPOC. When I applied, I was originally returned as "Closed - NBQ". Effectively, the program was full at that point, and I wasn't at the top of the top.

I applied Intel, Crypto, and SWO because I wanted to be a Navy guy, and SWO took me. Then NUPOC reopened, I applied for a lateral transfer (as a lowly OC2), got prorecced, and just did my VIP trip to SubBase King's Bay this past week. Currently I have the option of SubNUC or NUCSWO, but I want dolphins!

As for my stats:
Major: Physics
GPA (IM/Overall): 3.136/3.053 (Graduated)
School: Virginia Tech
Minors: Math, Astronomy
SAT: 710 Math*, 780 Verbal

Hope this helps!

* My recruiter, a Nuc himself, is pretty sure that this is what did the trick.


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Dont fall for the money.....go pilot :) I was once part of the dark side and after years of pain finally found the light!!

Congrats though.....best of luck to you even if you do succumb to the temptations of the 'Dark Side' (Literally....it's F*#kin dark at 800+ feet :))


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Congrats Hokie.

I'm going for nuke also, though I prefer the surface option.. a 710 with a 3.1 gpa makes me feel better about my chances... about a 2.9 undergrad (3.8 for last 4 semesters) and a 3.5 for grad (MBA so doesn't really count...) but I had a 800 on SAT math.


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I'm in the same boat as Hokie-SWO. I applied first to NUPOC and couldn't get in because the commuity was full. I then applied to Supply, NFO, and SWO, and was Pro rec'd for SWO, and Supply... so I went with SWO.

A couple months ago, my recruiter told me they were hurting fo Nukes again so I applied and got in the second time around.


BS in Mechanical Engineering(Top 10 School)
GPA (Tech/Over-all) 3.49/3.22
ACT(Math/Verbal) 27/24
ASTB 6/8/6 OAR 49
Active Rear Admiral (Related)
Retired Captain (Related)
College Professor

Not much for extracuriculars, or community service.
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