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USN STA-21 Personal Statement


New Member
Hey everyone, it's that time of year again for the STA-21 Boards and I was hoping to get some feedback on my personal statement? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I want to express my distinct desire to participate in the Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) Program. My competency, enthusiasm, and passion as a United States Sailor uphold the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment and will be an asset to the versatility of the Wardroom.

At the age of the 17, I sat down with my grandfather and told him that I wanted to join the Navy so that I can serve my country, travel the world, and earn money for college. Being a former Sailor himself, he was proud to hear that I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a third generation Sailor. I honor his memory every morning when I don my uniform and earning a commission will further honor him. To me, there is nothing more admirable than the duties and responsibilities of a United States Naval Officer. My family has worked in the construction industry in both residential and commercial applications throughout my entire life; therefore, I am very accustomed to the construction process. The idea of taking a blank space and building something spectacular is a passion of mine. For that reason, I have found that every aspect of the Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) appeals to me and is why I want to be an Officer in this community.

I am a natural leader that seeks challenging management roles wherever possible. In boot camp, I was chosen as Port Section Watch Leader of my division. When I reported to my first command, the USS NIMITZ (CVN68), as an Aviation Electronics Technician Airman Apprentice, I was put in charge of managing over 250 assets valued at over 2.5 million dollars. In just 2 years onboard, I was promoted to Second Class Petty Officer and led a team of 16 personnel in the overhaul of shipboard lagging and insulation. Upon my transfer to Fleet Readiness Center Northwest, I was made Production Supervisor of 65 personnel in one of the fleet’s most crucial avionics work centers. The contrasting management styles I have experienced throughout my career have significantly contributed to my ability to lead others in a wide variety of tasks as well as my ability to communicate with different kinds of people. These are skills that will be valuable assets as CEC Officer.

My academic potential has grown since high school as I have matured during my time in the military. During high school, I struggled in my Physics class and did not take any advanced mathematics courses, but I have worked hard to remedy that by earning my Associates Degree in Electronics and am now pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, starting with Calculus courses. Upon acceptance to STA-21, my educational goal is to continue working toward my Bachelor’s degree, which directly correlates with the job of a CEC Officer. When commissioned, I hope to begin my career in a Construction Battalion forward deployed overseas to further hone my leadership abilities. My ultimate goal is make the Navy a career, working in Contract and Project Management.

My grandfather, being a general contractor throughout his life, encouraged me to join the Navy and continues to be my inspiration for wanting to be a CEC Officer. He was a man who seemed like there was nothing that he could not accomplish. This is an indispensable quality as a CEC Officer, and is one that I know I possess. I know that I would be a great fit for the CEC because I am dedicated to the Navy, I am hard-working, and I strive to put the needs of others before my own. I know that I am highly capable and determined to carry out all the requirements of the STA-21 program and the CEC designation.


My current stats:
AGE: 24
EVALS (New-Old):
EP, NOB, EP(transfer),MP, P(first E-5)
SMART/JST: A school/In Rate
COLLEGE: AS Degree Electronics GPA: 4.0, currently enrolled at Skagit CC for Civil Engineering
HIGH SCHOOL: 3.21/3.28 GPA
ASTB-E: Did not take yet
LEADERSHIP: Div. Safety PO, W/C Day Check Sup, CFS
AWARDS: SOM March 2017, SOQ 2nd Quarter 2017, Battle E, LOAs, GWOT, Good Conduct.
VOLUNTEER: Over 250 hours with Habitat for Humanity, Local Little League Umpire
TIS: 6 years
ACT: 24
Partial Pass (injury waiver), Partial Pass (injury waiver), Good
Officer Interview/Nomination Board: 3 LT (Internal)
LORs: None


FY18 STA-21 CEC Applicant
Hey! I just saw this and wanted to make sure that were looking through the FYXX STA-21 discussions: (https://www.airwarriors.com/community/index.php?threads/fy18-sta-21-applicants.44463/) <---The current one....but there is some tremendous information from prior selectees in all the previous FY's as well. You would probably get more feedback if you posted on the established STA-21 discussions.....also, people don't generally post their personal statements/CO endorsements prior to selection. They are generally very personal and you don't want someone else trying to steal what makes you unique. Advice I was given with regards to the personal statement:
(1) Answer all the questions from the 1420.1B and the STA-21 website.
(2) Paint a clear picture of what you bring to the Officer community. (without sounding boilerplate)
(3) It should read smooth and too the point.
(4) And the most obvious --> It has to be grammatically correct!

Good luck! I hope all went well with your application!