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Spotify Running Mixes


Active Member
If anyone else is looking for ways to improve running times and endurance, I highly recommend using Spotify's Running feature. It's very poorly advertised within the app itself but if you search Running from the search bar, the Running genre will be the first result.

You can select from one of many mixes; I prefer the seamless Running Originals, most of them are pretty generic house and edm, high energy but don't expect to find your new favorite banger. But it's less about the content because the app asks you to start running and it analyzes your steps per minute, adjusting the music's tempo as you run. It's been hugely helpful for me because I'll start a run at about 160spm and I find myself keeping up with the tempo very naturally. This has really helped reduce my running time without even thinking about it, especially by starting out fast, setting a higher pace than I did before, and maintaining it. YMMV but I think this feature used with Nike's Run Club for logging run history is a really powerful way to get in shape and continue improving, especially if you're working out alone.